Life’s “Undo” And “Reset” Button

Hi readers.  Well.

Sometimes, I wish that there was a “undo” button for everything so that you could undo your mistakes, or that there was a “reset” button for embarrassing moments that makes me cringe every time I think back to it.

Additionally – this comes with the fact that life is full of spontaneity, full of surprises and roads that could lead us anywhere.

Sometimes, I even think about all the different possibilities that could come with a situation – like, waking up in the morning on the weekend for instance – possibilities:

  • What if I just, don’t get up and stay in bed all day?
  • What if I just went to the shops in my pyjamas? (-how would people react??)
  • What if I spend my day reading all of the Harry Potter books with some hot chocolate and some butter-popcorn today?
  • What if binge on Netflix and Cheetos all day, cosying underneath a fluffy blanket on the comfort of my sofa? (- tempting)



But – seeing it from a different perspective – if we could choose the path of life we wanted it to go, the joy and the unknown and the spontaneity of life would disappear – we wouldn’t be the same person we would be without the “undo” and “reset” button.

And as my final concluding point – I think everything happens for a reason and everyone in every day life with every action – big or small, is contributing to the life they lead.

Comment below what your thoughts are, or experiences where you just want to undo or reset – (I probably have had quite a few that I’ve forgotten!)

Thanks for reading if you have read this far, and look out for up-coming posts!

Tess xxx

“Better to let go and have nothing to hold onto than to cling to something that’s not meant for you” – Quote of the day

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One thought on “Life’s “Undo” And “Reset” Button

  1. thenewmrsm2016 says:

    I often have this feeling as my husband works Saturday and my daughter is at her Dad’s so I’m forced to find things to do to keep me busy and motivated. It’s so easy to think what if I just sat here and did nothing all say feeling sorry for myself who would know? But the thing is life is too short so I get up, put my makeup on and make the day the best it can be!

    Liked by 1 person

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