“I Hate My Life”

I have always been someone who has always compared their lives to the ideal life of another individual.

Subconsciously, I’ve just always had this thought at the back of my head saying “I wish I could live their life”.

Sounds awful of me.

I know.

But with this, it came with something else, probably just as bad – I began to find an excuse for every bad thing in my life and compare it to the good thing of the life of that individual.

I was so focused on finding bad things in my life I could compare my life with that I began to almost lose myself and not really focus on what I needed and what made me happy.

Inevitably, soon I began to feel empty – the feeling of not really having anything worthwhile and being worthless, somewhat.

And sooner, the happiness that I had once endured and upheld was not really there anymore and it felt like the only happiness I was getting were mere distractions from what I really felt, what was really constantly at the back of my mind every day.

20160725_210858 (1)

Recently, however, I have tried to make an effort in opening up to myself and the world and not feel so sorry for myself.

I also think that something like this has few resolves, but one of which being:

Doing something you LOVE and being with the people you LOVE.

(I am almost one hundred percent certain I have used that at the resolve for problems in SO many blog posts now but however -)

As repetitive and simple as it sounds and is, that is one of the only ways I think you can really make a difference to make changes in your life and to really give a positive outlet on the way your perceive the world.



Anyway, a bit of a lengthy and rambly post today but I do hope you enjoyed – and if you did please check out some of my other posts, similar to this one – and also comment down below what your thoughts of this post! –

Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever felt similar thoughts?

Tess xxx

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King Jr.


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Coping With Life’s Hardships.

I think all of us, at least once or twice, have had a moment where it is very difficult to keep your head above the water or not feel like everything is a bit too much.

But I also think that there are many moments where we don’t realize that – yeah, everything IS getting too much.

Sometimes we try to not even question something being too much to handle because, in reality, we might not really want to face the downfalls of that acceptance.

And even though it could be in all sorts of context, I think these are some handy ways you can try to cope through it instead of avoiding it – because let’s be real. Some of the obstacles of life are very unavoidable.

So here are some ways to deal with it:

  1. Spend your time with the people you love, and/or do something that you love. Okay okay, so I think I put this as a point in one of my other posts, but it is seriously one of the best things you can do to make yourself feel happier in my opinion.

  2. Sadly, you can’t sit around, binge-watching Netflix all day – do something you know will make you feel better! Whether that be having a spontaneous baking session, or going to the gym or for a run, whatever you know feels good and makes you feel happy will for SURE, make coping a million times percent better.

  3. Talk to someone. Now this one is a little vague but I’m sure you know what I mean. Talking to someone about something that you are struggling to cope with can be so therapeutic and weight-lifting and I can guarantee that – even if it doesn’t change your whole life and make you miraculously carefree – you will definitely feel better than before. It can be a friend, a therapist, a parent or guardian, anyone who you trust and are willing to open up to.


So a little bit of a lengthy post today but thank you for reading if you got through all of the blabber haha.

Please leave a comment saying your thoughts of this and how do YOU cope with the whirlwind of life?

Once again – thanks for reading and I’ll try to post more often so look out for upcoming posts and I’ll see you all in the next one! (Also check out my last post!)

Tess xxx

BTW, a quick shoutout to, what I thought was very relevant to today’s post, the macaroon in the title picture; on the way back from my summer holiday in France last year my sister accidentally squashed the macaroon she had brought back from the hotel on the Eurostar which happened to be very photogenic!


Quote of the day:

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow” –

Life’s “Undo” And “Reset” Button

Hi readers.  Well.

Sometimes, I wish that there was a “undo” button for everything so that you could undo your mistakes, or that there was a “reset” button for embarrassing moments that makes me cringe every time I think back to it.

Additionally – this comes with the fact that life is full of spontaneity, full of surprises and roads that could lead us anywhere.

Sometimes, I even think about all the different possibilities that could come with a situation – like, waking up in the morning on the weekend for instance – possibilities:

  • What if I just, don’t get up and stay in bed all day?
  • What if I just went to the shops in my pyjamas? (-how would people react??)
  • What if I spend my day reading all of the Harry Potter books with some hot chocolate and some butter-popcorn today?
  • What if binge on Netflix and Cheetos all day, cosying underneath a fluffy blanket on the comfort of my sofa? (- tempting)



But – seeing it from a different perspective – if we could choose the path of life we wanted it to go, the joy and the unknown and the spontaneity of life would disappear – we wouldn’t be the same person we would be without the “undo” and “reset” button.

And as my final concluding point – I think everything happens for a reason and everyone in every day life with every action – big or small, is contributing to the life they lead.

Comment below what your thoughts are, or experiences where you just want to undo or reset – (I probably have had quite a few that I’ve forgotten!)

Thanks for reading if you have read this far, and look out for up-coming posts!

Tess xxx

“Better to let go and have nothing to hold onto than to cling to something that’s not meant for you” – Quote of the day

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