A Piece Of Everything

So I’m going to be honest.

I haven’t been spewing over (is that a saying?!) with ideas for blog posts over the past week. Or two for that matter. In fact, I probably haven’t really been sitting at my computer typing up several blog posts I have been dying to hit publish on either to be quite frank.

So I’m writing this now because of this idea.






Well, sort of.

And a few other little reasons

… including motivation (obviously).

  1. I feel motivated.
  2. I am feeling… productive.
  3. I’m bored.
  4. I feel guilty for not posting in a while when I said I would (definitely guilty!)

Well, you can take your guess at why I’m really typing this blog post up but really, it’s all of them.

All of these 4 answers to why I am writing this.

The motivation was thinking how satisfied I would feel after finally hitting the oh-so-holy publish button.

Because of this, I started to see how I would also feel if I did other little productive deeds – my productiveness (-haha that’s actually a real word I looked it up)

Next – boredom. Now before someone is quick to jump to accusations, I wouldn’t say I was “bored”, just merely… having nothing else really to do.

And then there is the guilt. Guilt eats away at all of us when upon us. We know it’s there, we know that we can or can’t change it, but either way it is STRESSFUL. And I guess guilt can also be motivating – only in certain scenarios or situations though, mind – for all of you who are objecting and jumping at your screens right now.


So I have decided to name this post – as you would have obviously seen and read – A Piece Of Everything.

And – Well.

You must be thinking.

How is this – “everything”?

Well, to respond, I simply say – it’s not. In a sense.

Then, why?

I think there’s something in this – at least one thing – that everyone can relate to. And that is a part of everything we experience.

A Piece – in fact – Of – indeed – Everything.

See you (hopefully) next week!

Tess xxx

~ ~ ~

Quote of the week:

“Be everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way” – Armit Desai

P.S Thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far, I would really appreciate if you could like this post (the little star symbol at the end) and maybe even possibly the little follow button if you haven’t already.

Please comment down below I’m happy to reply to any so feel free to write what you think and I will get to you soon!


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