Looking Back, Moving Forward.

Every day, everything is changing.

The present becomes the past. And the future becomes the present.

I have always indulged myself into the past and gave myself a reason to hate the present.

Today I am writing up about this as I think lots of you can find it helpful if you have ever had thoughts like this and even if you haven’t, there are many thoughts that correlate around this same thing.

Here are some of my tips for dealing with this:

  1. Do something that makes you happy.
  2. If you find you are unhappy – make a change, do something to change that.
  3. I find that going on a walk or just going outside really helps to clear my thoughts and just let myself go.
  4. Spend time with friends, family, etc.


Of course, this list could refer to lots of different situations i.e if you are having a down day –

and also change.

“Change” was never really part of my character.

I’ve always been a very sentimental and easy-going person who never really liked adapting but rather, staying who I was, and having everything stay the way it was.

Of course, I knew deep down that everything would change eventually. Even people who I thought would never become the way they did.

Change, for me, was just time teasing us – letting us latch on to something and taking it away soon as.


And obviously, I knew that change wasn’t always a bad thing. Change means things happening for the better. Change means that we can learn and grow.

And I almost forgot that change also was a massive factor of “Everything happens for a reason”. And every time I think about this, I am reminded that maybe change isn’t always a bad thing.

Sorry for the short & random(-ish) post this week, I hope that some sense came out of this! Comment down below your thoughts I would love to read and reply! What do you think about change? What do you do to deal with life problems and hurdles it might throw at you?

And finally, quote of the week:

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” –Jimmy Dean

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope you are all have an awesome week!

Tess xxx


A Piece Of Everything

So I’m going to be honest.

I haven’t been spewing over (is that a saying?!) with ideas for blog posts over the past week. Or two for that matter. In fact, I probably haven’t really been sitting at my computer typing up several blog posts I have been dying to hit publish on either to be quite frank.

So I’m writing this now because of this idea.






Well, sort of.

And a few other little reasons

… including motivation (obviously).

  1. I feel motivated.
  2. I am feeling… productive.
  3. I’m bored.
  4. I feel guilty for not posting in a while when I said I would (definitely guilty!)

Well, you can take your guess at why I’m really typing this blog post up but really, it’s all of them.

All of these 4 answers to why I am writing this.

The motivation was thinking how satisfied I would feel after finally hitting the oh-so-holy publish button.

Because of this, I started to see how I would also feel if I did other little productive deeds – my productiveness (-haha that’s actually a real word I looked it up)

Next – boredom. Now before someone is quick to jump to accusations, I wouldn’t say I was “bored”, just merely… having nothing else really to do.

And then there is the guilt. Guilt eats away at all of us when upon us. We know it’s there, we know that we can or can’t change it, but either way it is STRESSFUL. And I guess guilt can also be motivating – only in certain scenarios or situations though, mind – for all of you who are objecting and jumping at your screens right now.


So I have decided to name this post – as you would have obviously seen and read – A Piece Of Everything.

And – Well.

You must be thinking.

How is this – “everything”?

Well, to respond, I simply say – it’s not. In a sense.

Then, why?

I think there’s something in this – at least one thing – that everyone can relate to. And that is a part of everything we experience.

A Piece – in fact – Of – indeed – Everything.

See you (hopefully) next week!

Tess xxx

~ ~ ~

Quote of the week:

“Be everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way” – Armit Desai

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