Feeling Like A Failure

Hello everyone,

So today I am back and I decided to write up a post about something I think a lot of you have encountered at some point.

Failure. I remember times at school when teachers would say that you “learn from mistakes” or that “failure is all part of growing up” at some point during school.

I would always brush this off because if I had gotten a lower grade than usual or if I had let down my team in sport or a competitive activity, every time I would convince myself that I was a failure.

Not just that I had failed – I was a failure.


But I think we all realize at a point that we were never failures at all but at the time, we just beat ourselves up about it then because at that moment, it seems like an important event.

However, with each failure, I have learned, there always comes something from it. Even the smallest things like being a few minutes late, or forgetting to bring some homework in on the date due.

For example, being late, means that afterwards, you will try harder not to be – such as by getting up earlier. Forgetting to bring in some homework – trying harder the next time to remember it, such as putting it into your bag the day beforehand.

So in future, try to not feel so down about your failures, because with every failure is another success. 😉


Quote Of The Day:

 “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchhill.

Tess xxx





3 thoughts on “Feeling Like A Failure

  1. WatchingTheWheels says:

    Failure doesn’t define us as much as it contributes to who we become. Once we begin to see our actions as simply lessons in unfavorable outcomes, and not a overall assessment of our worth, we carry a far less burdensome load. You have incredible insight here.

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