A New Start & A Thank You

So it feels like ages and ages since I last blogged – even though I said in previous blogs that I would do blogs on summer occasions, AND that I would be blogging even MORE.

Somehow, my heart wasn’t in it to blog just because I was going through a lot of stress then, and I just needed to take a break at that time.

So I went to France for a holiday on a canal for two weeks with my family, and I absolutely loved every second of it (I’ll definitely blog about the trip and add loads of pictures on it!). But it was really hard to blog while I was there and I found myself absorbed into doing other things because we were going to so many places.

Even though I know that only a handful of people read my blogs, and not even every blog I write, and that they might not even care that I haven’t been blogging in over a month, I thought that I would write this anyway so that I had some sort of explanation.

I love blogging. For these reasons;

  • It’s therapeutic when you have something on your mind and you just want to write it all out to help you calm down.
  • OTHER people can benefit from it by reading it and relating to it (for me, this makes it ten times better).
  • You learn things all the time by reading other people’s experiences.

Okay, so I’m sure that there’s loads of other things that I’ve missed, but if you want to add anything else to this list, please comment down below (also so that I know you’ve enjoyed it!)

And last, but by no means least… hopefully I’ll be blogging more often now.

If you got this far down the page – thank you for taking your time to read this, it means so much to me, even if it’s just you who will read this.

Tess xxx