Fun ideas & tips for summer

Hello Everybody!

So recently, I have been very busy, and unfortunately not been able to blog in, what feels like, an incredibly long time. Recently in the UK, the weather has been up to a lot of crazy things (we had a thunder storm a few days ago!). But apart from that, for the lovely weather ahead –

I am going to give you some of my top tips, and little ideas for you to try out over the summer.

  1. First of all, I find that smoothies and milkshakes are absolutely perfect for a hot day (I will be doing a blog on this very soon) especially when you are on holiday, or anywhere hot and sunny, making you feel refreshed and cooled.imag0668.jpg
  2. The next thing which is more of a tip then an idea, is (if you have long hair) tie up your hair. I have definitely had experience with this, and most girls (or boys) with long hair, would of had the same experience of that stuffy, sticky, sweaty feeling at the back of your neck when your hair is down on a hot day.
  3. Next, try to spend as much of your time, NOT on your phone, or on screens. Doing this a lot myself, I realize it really takes up a lot of your time, and summer should be endured in a way that actually involves you living in the moment and enjoying it while it’s there!imag0643.jpg
  4. Next, any sort of outdoor sport, or going to the beach, if you’re not going away for the summer or even going for a picnic at the park, is a really nice way to spend it, because it gets you outside, which is always a good thing, and you can do it with your friends and/or family.

Hope you all have an amazing summer, and I will see you all very very soon!

Tess xxx

P.S Please let me know what you thought and leave some of your top tips and ideas in the comments below!

Also, I have updated my Gallery page on the menu bar, so please check it out!


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