So I’m posting a little early, but when I thought of this idea, I knew it couldn’t wait and I just had to write it all out.

So haters, are, by the definition, someone who dislikes something or someone, with a passion. It can also refer to an account or something online. Haters online are seen as people who are mean, and unkind, because they disapprove of that person, or account. Sometimes, that “hater” happens to have that mean personality, and wants to be mean, other times, they are either jealous, or attention-seeking. And sometimes, it is just because they purely dislike that person for reasonable reasons.

But this is okay.

It is their opinion and we can’t change that entirely.

But it’s when they are intentionally trying to hurt that person, or other people, when it is NOT okay. People are allowed to have their own opinion, and input on things, but if it is meant to hurt that person, this is when you know that, that person is either jealous or attention seeking.


This blog is about not mistaking haters, for people who just have an input on saying why they dislike that thing or person for a reasonable reason, and people who are attention seeking and jealous, and also intentionally trying to hurt them.

Also, to you, the reader, if you see something online, which you disapprove of, or have a strong opinion about it, don’t be afraid to say it because as long as you’re not trying to hurt anyone, it’s an opinion, and that’s okay. It also might even help that person to understand something a little bit better, and act on it.

And finally, thank YOU for reading this, it truly means everything to me, and please let me know if this helped, or what you think of it , in the comments down below!

Tess xxx


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