So today, I decided to blog about being positive.

Being positive, is basically meaning to see the better side of things in different scenarios. Although, you can’t always be positive, and I don’t think anybody CAN be positive all of the time, but it is always a good thing to be a positive person, but if you’re a negative person, I hope this brings out your “inner positivity”!

So everyone has negativity in them. It’s normal. It’s human. Everybody can see a down side of things, but today I am going to try to help you think of things in a better way.

Of course, before I start, if your pet goldfish or dog, or a relative has died, well, I don’t think that I can release all the negativity (release??) out of you, but I will try to cheer you up with this blog! (And I’m truly sorry for your loss).

So first up:

  1. Do something that you love doing, with people that you love, because when you’re doing.
  2. Next, I think is to try and be open-minded, and to calm you down, breathe into a paper-bag.
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself, but respect other people’s opinions.

I think these three points are what really helps because they all help you be a bit more positive, which will hopefully give you a little more happiness in life! 🙂

A bit of a short post today, but it’s something to think about!

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you enjoyed it!

Tess xxx



6 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. byIndiaBlue says:

    Hi Tess, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the advice on being positive, if only more people would take note and think the same way, but I guess we can’t force it upon them. If they need or want to wallow in it for a bit, lets just hope that they can climb out of their own negativity eventually.

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