So I’m posting a little early, but when I thought of this idea, I knew it couldn’t wait and I just had to write it all out.

So haters, are, by the definition, someone who dislikes something or someone, with a passion. It can also refer to an account or something online. Haters online are seen as people who are mean, and unkind, because they disapprove of that person, or account. Sometimes, that “hater” happens to have that mean personality, and wants to be mean, other times, they are either jealous, or attention-seeking. And sometimes, it is just because they purely dislike that person for reasonable reasons.

But this is okay.

It is their opinion and we can’t change that entirely.

But it’s when they are intentionally trying to hurt that person, or other people, when it is NOT okay. People are allowed to have their own opinion, and input on things, but if it is meant to hurt that person, this is when you know that, that person is either jealous or attention seeking.


This blog is about not mistaking haters, for people who just have an input on saying why they dislike that thing or person for a reasonable reason, and people who are attention seeking and jealous, and also intentionally trying to hurt them.

Also, to you, the reader, if you see something online, which you disapprove of, or have a strong opinion about it, don’t be afraid to say it because as long as you’re not trying to hurt anyone, it’s an opinion, and that’s okay. It also might even help that person to understand something a little bit better, and act on it.

And finally, thank YOU for reading this, it truly means everything to me, and please let me know if this helped, or what you think of it , in the comments down below!

Tess xxx



So today, I decided to blog about being positive.

Being positive, is basically meaning to see the better side of things in different scenarios. Although, you can’t always be positive, and I don’t think anybody CAN be positive all of the time, but it is always a good thing to be a positive person, but if you’re a negative person, I hope this brings out your “inner positivity”!

So everyone has negativity in them. It’s normal. It’s human. Everybody can see a down side of things, but today I am going to try to help you think of things in a better way.

Of course, before I start, if your pet goldfish or dog, or a relative has died, well, I don’t think that I can release all the negativity (release??) out of you, but I will try to cheer you up with this blog! (And I’m truly sorry for your loss).

So first up:

  1. Do something that you love doing, with people that you love, because when you’re doing.
  2. Next, I think is to try and be open-minded, and to calm you down, breathe into a paper-bag.
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself, but respect other people’s opinions.

I think these three points are what really helps because they all help you be a bit more positive, which will hopefully give you a little more happiness in life! 🙂

A bit of a short post today, but it’s something to think about!

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you enjoyed it!

Tess xxx


Being Confident with yourself & Being Different

So, I notice that in my blogs, they all are generally based around the same sort of theme, and also if you saw my “Being Yourself” and “Being Me” posts, then you probably know what I mean!

But today I am going to do something that is also linked to it, and that is Being confident in Yourself Being Different. This could mean, literally, anything. If it’s either what colour hair you have or the way you dress, or what your style of music is. But, I guess this is sort of a weird title because everyone, IS different, whether we like it or not, and everyone is allowed to do things that the enjoy no matter what they think of them.


Although, when you see this title, you have many ideas of what it means, and there are many different definitions for it. And then this links on to another big issue that occurs a lot.

And today, specifically, I am going to be doing this on bullying.

So bullying is a seriously massive world, and what it is, is basically if anyone does something to hurt you, or make you feel bad about yourself, but happening, CONSTANTLY, then, that is bullying.


You may not even know that it is of course if you have been, or are in, this, but the whole point of this, is to make you a little more confident about yourself because it’s something that should be taken seriously.


You shouldn’t be afraid to talk to someone about it just because you’re worried about what the bully could potentially do to you, but it’s the way to stop it, and if you conceal it, and try to bury it underneath you, you’ll be fighting a war that you won’t be able to win on your own. Of course, bullying isn’t a war, it’s a matter of trying to prevent it, or stop it going any further.

But what I am saying is, don’t be afraid, to talk to someone, and don’t feel bad about yourself because everyone in their life, will feel exactly the same at some point in life, or like me, several times. But that isn’t true. What it is, is someone’s opinion about you. And their opinion shouldn’t make you this way because it’s THEIR opinion. Think of your family and friends who love, trust, and accept you for who you are.


And this leads on to the next thing.

Bullying is split two ways, which is the bully themselves, and whoever they decide to bully. Of course, there has to be a reason for the bully to be hurting someone like this, I mean, bullying is horrendous, and it makes people do horrible things, and make them feel bad about themselves.

But it’s also the bully.

The bully may have had a bad upbringing or they may have family issues, friend issues, mental or physical disorders, or anything. I don’t think that the bully should get the whole blame for what they do. This is because of all those things that may have happened to them in personal experiences. And until we know what happened to them, we assume.

We assume that, that person is just bullying that person because they have a mean personality. Or that they were born like that. Maybe they were, but don’t you think that is that was the case, life would be very different right now?


I think that, the bully is sometimes, but not always, but maybe sometimes, misunderstood.

Thanks so much for reading it means so much to me, and knowing that it has maybe helped one person, is just so mind-blowing and incredible and I am very grateful for your support! And as usual, I’ll be happy to read any comments on what blogs to do, or just what you thought in the comments down below!

I will be posting blogs every Friday from now on

Tess xxx