Winter favourites

So, with spring just around the corner, and winter coming to an end (unless you’re in Australia or somewhere hot like that), I thought I would do a little “Winter favourites” blog. Youtubers usually do monthly favourite videos and it doesn’t happen very frequently between bloggers. So that is exactly what I am going to do today with a seasonal favourites!

Book favourites: The book Girl Online is written by Zoella, and it was a truly great read, I loved every bit of it! Also, Zoella is one of my inspirations and I think what she has achieved is amazing. (If you don’t know who Zoella is, she is a famous blogger/vlogger on Youtube with millions of subscribers). I would definitely recommend this book to people who like lifestyle, and drama styled books, and also people who like Zoella, which I am positive about!


Movie favourites: So as you probably all know (If you don’t then, well, I am guessing you either hate Christmas, or just movies in general which I highly doubt) At Christmas time, many many Christmas films are shown, and there are literally SO MANY. Which is a very very good thing because I love Christmas movies, and always have.  My favourite Christmas movie of all time, would definitely have to be Nativity, by the BBCI love this film so incredibly much and every time I watch it, I always feel happy afterwards! I would recommend this movie to families (at Christmas time of course) and people who like funny movies because this is hilarious!


Beauty favourites: So, I don’t use much makeup and if I do, it will usually be something to go on my lips, or occasionally a bit on my eyes. So for my lips, I like to use the classic Vaseline with the Rosy Lips typeSo I think that this is really good for dry lips, but also if you don’t want that much abstract colour standing out on your lips, and if you just want a bit of a tint, it’s really good for that.


I am also into a French branded lip-balm, called Nutritic La Roche Posay(My french is terrible so if you know what it means, let me know in the comments!) which is a really good lip-balm if you have dried or chapped lips, so I strongly recommend it.

Clothes favourites: So, for winter, I usually absolutely love wearing jumpers, as they are so warm and cosy for a chilly day. I usually get my jumpers from Next or River Island.

Food favourites: So, after Christmas dinner (I absolutely adore Christmas dinner), my favourite thing to have in Winter would have to be Hot Chocolate because it is just the nicest thing to have on a chilly day, all curled up by the radiator (Or fireplace) wrapped around in a blanket!


Thank you so much for reading my first seasonal favourite blog, please let me know if I have missed anything and what you think in the comments below!

Tess xxx



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