Idles & Inspirations

So, this time, I have decided to blog about Idles and inspirations. So, there isn’t really much difference between the two words but they do, but with similar meanings.

Idles are a person, or more then one person, who you look up to or admire. Inspirations are those who you admire to make you want to do something. You want to do that thing because they have done something which you admire and respect.

The reason I wanted to post this was because of the fact that there are so many famous people out there who have achieved something because they were inspired to do it or they admired someone doing that thing. The reason I’m blogging is because of all the bloggers out there who have achieved so much, and as well as them, I love it.


It is so thrilling to know that someone is reading it elsewhere, or to know that someone has clicked the tiny like button at the bottom of the screen.

Though short, I really hoped you enjoyed my blog!

Thanks so much again for reading this, is means so so much to me

Tess xxx



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