Ways to brighten up your dreary February Afternoon

IMAG0035As it’s coming to the end of the winter season (with spring just around the corner!!) I thought I would do “Ways To Brighten Up Your Dreary February Afternoon” (Had a long time debating whether or not to have a long title).  February is a very strange season (much like January) when the weather is very wet and rainy. (Unless you’re in Australia or somewhere warm right now!). And occasionally, cloudy days will come through which for me, tend to be very boring and they always seem to make me feel very sleepy or drowsy.

-So the first thing that helps a day like this, is hot chocolate. I absolutely love hot chocolate, and it’s perfect for a day like this because it warms you up and it gives that sort of cosy feeling around you.

-Another thing that I find, really helps, is to just to get out of the house. Usually, this will help me feel more awake, and less sleepy and just simply going for a walk, or going to the supermarket, really helps.

-So  the final thing I think is nice to do, is baking or cooking. I love baking because it’s so fun and creative. So for this kind of day, it’s perfect as it’s a fun activity you can do with friends and family.

Thanks for reading, please let me know what you think in the comment section!

Tess xxx




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